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Online Appartement

Book 250 inexpensive furnished rooms and flats in student accommodation online in the best location in Munich.
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250 inexpensive furnished rooms and flats in student accommodation Munich.

250 cheap furnished rooms and flats just for students. Online booking availible For studies, internships and dissertations. In Munich's best locations.

As a long-standing provider, we offer over 250 top modernly equipped accommodation units. Clean and constantly renovated. Our online system also gives people who are not familiar with the area the opportunity to find a place in a student hall of residence in Munich.

You are looking for a room during your studies? You are looking for something uncomplicated


With HiSpeed Internet via (W)LAN - as a flat rate, electricity and everything you need... without the hassle of forms. In the centre of Schwabing in prime locations in the university quarter - but at the price of a student dormitory.
Then you've come to the right place. The only catch:
Our conditions of admission.

Der Akademiker im Student residence Schwabing

In the middle of Munich, in Schwabing's Univiertel.
In the midst of like-minded people.

In the middle of Munich-Schwabing, in the best locations of the university quarter, are the student residences Clemensstrasse 118, Clemensstrasse 127, Emanuelstrasse 18 and Gabelsbergerstr. 91.

And: Although you may only be living in Munich for a short time. You will immediately make friends in our halls of residence. Because we only take students, max 30 years old - so a bomb atmosphere is guaranteed! In our own club we offer you everything that makes a student's heart beat faster from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Good atmosphere, cocktails and delicious food. Don't be shy - just go in. Manfred user Koch is always available for a chat and will introduce you to the other students.

Quick start:

Which house is right for me?
The location in Munich
I've just graduated from high school and don't have a student card yet. What now?
I am looking for a place in a student hall of residence
Internet, how does it work?
Instructions... And now what?
Contact. Better in person?
New in the dormitory. Boring?
Student accommodation munich.

CoVid19 Status: 1.5.2022

Our halls of residence are open as normal. No restrictions.
We have increased internet capacity. Home office etc. is possible without any problems.
The "Akademiker", our meeting place at 118 Clemensstr. is currently open as usual. Here you can meet and get to know each other informally. It is your It is your meeting place - it is not necessary to consume!


About us...

We have been running student residences in Munich Schwabing since 1996. Little by little, we have specialised in interns, graduates etc. Because: It is not easy to find reasonable accommodation for a few months. for a few months. Hotel is too expensive - legal flats for a few months are scarce. Because: rooms sublet without permission can mean a lot of trouble. What the Süddeutsche Zeitung says.

Our strength: unbureaucratic and flexible.

Our halls of residence are always well-maintained and are constantly being renovated. The rooms and flats are also technically and and visually in good condition - and all have internet via LAN or WLAN. So you can move into one of our now 250 rooms and flats without having to worry about annoying formalities. No electricity registration, internet available....

Tenants about us:

“Hallo Anna, schau mal unter www.studentenwohnheime-muc.de nach. Ich habe während meines München Praktikums in einem der 3 Häuser dieses Betreibers gewohnt. Vorteile:
+ tolle Lage in Schwabing in U2 Nähe
+ nach der online Buchung keine zusätzlichen Wege/Besichtigungen notwendig, sehr unbürokratisch
+ je nach Kategorie eigenständige eingerichtete Appartements
+ nur Studenten/Praktikanten in den Häusern
+ WLAN überall verfügbar
- relativ teuer (430 EUR für ein 1 Zimmer Appartment)
- z.T. recht spartanische Ausstattung

Ich war jedenfalls recht zufrieden und bin auf keine verdeckten “Überraschungen" gestossen.

LG, Clemens” Orginal: http://www.squeaker.net/sqn/board.php?id=12&g_id=&cmd=d&o_id=20430&ai=96

Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit

Hausaplus The student residence at Clemensstr. 118 and the renovated part of Emanuelstrasse are certainly one of the most modern student residences in the world. Perfectly renovated in terms of energy efficiency with 20 cm thick external insulation, triple-glazed windows with warm edges, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, etc. The interior has not been spared either. No expense was spared on the inside either. With a bus system, double Cat6 cabling in every flat and hygienically and hygienically flawless fittings with lots of glass and granite.

Internet in our student residences

. There is internet in all our student residences. Capacities are high, the 30 second average is always below 60% of the line capacity - otherwise we expand. (e.g. in Clemensstr. 118 currently 2x300MBit from MNet and 2x250MBit from Telekom - see picture). As a tenant you have a burst limit of 100MBit for the main device and 80MBit with max. 4 additional devices. At the same time. This makes working on the internet extremely fast.
We monitor the status and utilisation with professional equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the houses only professional components with remote monitoring capabilities are installed in the houses. However, they react negatively to file sharing and other (mostly) illegal activities. Instruction Internet