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Hall of residence in Munich, student accommodation for internship in munich
250 furnished rooms in best locations of Munich City-Center.

Reasonable priced furnished rooms and apartments for studies, internship or diplomathesis in Munich.
They are in the best areas of Munich. Welcome to Munich!

Are you looking for modern and reasonable priced rooms and apartments?

We offer you 250 top modern, equipped, clean, and regular renovated accommodation units.
You can even search and book online with the form below...




This is as easy as booking a hotel room, but for a price of a student room. The only hitch is our condition of admission.

The rooms have phone (VoIP) and DSL/Internet via (W)LAN. They are in the heart of Schwabing student area. Moreover: Although you might only live for a short term in Munich, you will definitely meet other young people in the halls as we exclusively accept students until 30 years. This guarantees a fantastic atmosphere!

We have our own Bistro/Bar in Clemensstr. 118, about 200 meters from Emanuelstrasse and only 20 meters from Clemensstr. 127. Here you can meet other students form all over the world (shure... also from germany)

Clemensstr. 127, C02 Room

Clemensstr. 127, C02 Bathroom


About us…

Since 1996, we run student halls of residence in Munich. By and by we primary specialised on interns, students about to take their diploma etc., because it is very difficult to find reasonable accommodation for a few months. Hotels are too expensive and legal apartments are rare for a few months, because no permission to sublease rooms means a lot of trouble.

Our halls are always well- kept and permanently renovated. The rooms and apartments are technical and optical in their best situation, and they all have phone (VoIP) and Internet via LAN and WLAN. You can move in one of our 250 rooms and apartments like in a hotel without power registration, without phone registration…



Famous Olympia-Park, near Clemensstrasse

Munich-Oktoberfest. Promisse you know it!


Bavaria: You will like it. We in munich say: ‘We live in the biggest village of the world.’ Means: Very few Crime

Munich is the safest city in germany and you will feel comfortable.

Of course all our houses have
in the rooms. If you rent one of our rooms - you dont have to worry - you have  furnished rooms ready equiped for you.


Cool: In our own restaurant in Clemensstr. 118 other students from all over the world are waiting for you. come - and have fun.